9JATV Online

Published by johnpaul_1 on Jan 26th 2012 - 09:11

9JA TV is Africa’s premiere Pidgin English Broadcasting Network. Since it began operations in 2009 in Nigeria, its viewership has continued to increase tremendously year after year and the network has expanded its coverage to other West African countries in the Sub-­‐Saharan region. Building off of its success in Africa, 9JA TV is now looking to replicate some of its strategies in the North American market place. It is this move that has led to the birth of 9JA TV International, a slight variation in programming from the mother channel 9JA TV. 9JA TV International has developed exclusive programming that takes into consideration some of the cultural experiences and influences of Africans in diaspora for its North American audience. While the core of what made 9JA TV successful in Africa is preserved and maintained, there has been a shift to incorporate more English speaking programming that helps us Africans tell our story without losing the message in translation.

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