The Fraud and Corruption for Risk professiona

Published by Anti Fraud and Corruption on Nov 30th 2012 - 09:45

The Program is about recognizing the true risk of fraud, corruption and unethical business behavior in your organization, predicting where it will occur, pre-empting it from happening, and thus preventing it. We will focus on: • The factors which encourage and discourage fraud and corruption • What does fraud and corruption cost and how does it impact on our organizations • How to develop a Fraud and Corruption profile for your organization (know where fraud and corruption will strike) • Tools and techniques to be able to allow you to conduct preliminary investigations from your "desktop" Topics covered • Demystifying Fraud and Corruption (who commits it, how, what it costs) • How to conduct a simple fraud and corruption risk review of your own organization (what are the most likely strikes and how much will it impact on you) • Developing a realistic Fraud and Corruption Risk Map • Setting up a virtual investigation model • Desktop investigation techniques • Tools and techniques for effective use of the internet for investigation • Evidence recording techniques • How to maximize the use of internal online information • Pitfalls to avoid • Techniques to motivate your colleagues to take part in the fight against corruption and fraud The course is facilitated by Veronica Morino, a professional with over ten years’ experience in detecting and preventing fraud and corruption.

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